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            One-stop global exhibition service

            Ai West (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd., is the American Everest EXHIBITION Co., Ltd. Company subsidiary in China and in the world the main exhibition pioneer city set up service institutions, including in Dusseldorf, Germany, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and China Beijing and on the sea. We believe that we can provide a more complete network of services, only if we truly touch the different regions of the world.

            Aiweisite facing the world, provide feasible brand for the enterprise exhibition promotion scheme. In 2012, Aiweisite successfully joined the world exhibition exhibition organization, and to establish a close partnership, directly grasp the world the latest exhibition information, sharing exhibition resources, attract the top of the exhibition, for the customer to achieve truly a global one-stop service.

            Aiweisite's purpose for the Chinese brand service, with all the high quality resources, better help Chinese enterprises to explore the international market, international trade development of the business.

            Company to build a complete exhibitor services system, in addition to the exhibition design, production and construction; at the same time providing booth ordering, booth, agent invitations, exhibits transportation, ticket ordering, arrange exhibitors or inspection etc. during the visit of the food, lodging, transportation arrangement of the whole process, the high price of services.

            Since its inception, Aiweisite to long-term and common progress for the development of the mechanism. Respect for customers, care for employees, emphasizing the value of their own development of the community. With efficient and orderly execution, strong quality, the concept of the brand, image, product multiple interpretation, so as to help the brand to the global brand!


            Wu Si---General manager

            Entered the exhibition industry in 1997, over the years has been engaged in the operation and management of enterprises, adhering to the "new design, new service" business philosophy, and ACTO people work together, create a better future.

            Some Partners

            • Beijing carved group
            • 中軟國際
            • 中國國電
            • 正海
            • 移動通信
            • 新奧特
            • 索尼
            • 青海衛視
            • 農行
            • 牧馬人
            • 聯合動力
            • 京東方
            • 合眾營造
            • 海螺型材
            • 哈藥集團
            • 烽火科技
            • 大唐電信
            • 布魯威爾
            • 保定電谷
            • 奧瑞金
            • 愛慕
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